Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ok, Ok, I'll Get a Facebook Account Already

I know that I'm way behind the times, but yesterday I jumped the chasm and joined Facebook. It was at the urging of my of my 13 yo daughter, Katie, a devoted Facebooger, er... Facebooker. Friends and colleagues from the past are starting to find their way to me. When I become more confident with how it all works, I'll venture out to find some more blasts from the past.

My career has largely been as a writer/producer of live entertainment and creative consultant and the talented folks I've worked with over a 25 year span  (literally thousands of instrumentalists, singers, dancers, performers, technicians, designers, choreographers, theatre owners, etc.) are scattered across the globe. I'm hoping that they visit this blog, in part to catch up with me (and vice-versa), but more importantly so that they can learn a bit about Myeloma.

Just as it takes a village to raise a Sean Murray, it will take a concerned, informed world to rid us of this  disease. Research scientists, doctors, and ordinary motivated folks just  like you and me. My extended entertainment gang is an incredible group of exceedingly caring people- I hope that they join the fight!

Thank you to the Myeloma patients, caregivers and bloggers out there - you've made a tremendous difference in my life! I didn't choose this &$%^#  malady, but I'm going to beat it!

Warm thoughts to you from Myelomaville!
PS -  insert the expletive of your choice for &$%^#.   Mine was 'darn' , Katie- really! ; )

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