Thursday, October 6, 2011

Think Before You Drink

Although I hate having been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, the experience has taught me many valuable lessons. About myself, about the strength of my wife and children, about my faith, and about the immense courage of others facing this disease-  not to mention a good bit about the world of cancer and medicine.

One of the terrific things that I have learned about is a wonderful drink with which I really hadn't been much acquainted. Karen and the kids drink it, but I'm not as adventurous in my libational leanings. My mom drank it. My dad drank it. Not sure why I never acquired the taste.

It seems that someone wiser than I  managed to remove preservatives and additives from this drink to make it more healthy to consume. Gone is the high fructose corn syrup and other sugars. Missing are the artificial colorings and exotic extracts, the phosphoric and of other varieties of acids, the grains, starches, yeasts and clarifying agents. If you get the right kind, it has no hormones, antibiotics or other questionable goodies.
 And it looks good in a snifter, stein or stemware, a mug, a tumbler or a coffee cup. Heck - it works in a paper cup! 

I will admit that it is an acquired taste. Give it some time and you will be craving it.  

And best of all, they've managed to ensure a reduced caloric content. I will still have an occasional beer or glass of wine, a diet soda or a refreshing glass of milk, but more and more I've come to rely on this new drink.Though it doesn't work well for me with my magic bullet food - pizza!

I like it so much that I give it to my dogs when appropriate.

 Click this link to learn more about this Wonder Drink . And no, I don't sell it!

The  American Cancer Society even mentions it, along with other drinks, in their guidelines about dealing with chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

Let me know if YOU drink it!

See you out and about in Myelomaville!


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Myeloma Beacon: I'm Just Wild About Hairy

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My article, I'm Just Wild About Hairy, may just help you stay rooted during your chemotherapy. 

Stay connected out there in Myelomaville!