Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Staying Connected While Living with Myeloma

Here's the link to my latest article in the Myeloma Beacon: 


I've had a very busy stretch recently, looking forward to posting some more blog nonsense soon!

Be well!



Nick said...

What an incredibly positive article. It comes as no surprise, knowing you even a little -- but inspiring nonetheless!

You look great with hair, my friend! Eventually we'll see each other in Arkansas and won't recognize each other! :)

I next go out in January -- what's your schedule?

Warmest to you and yours,


Sean Murray said...

Hiya, Nick!

Thanks for the kind words. I wish that I could report that my hair has come back full, thick and in good original 10-year-ago color, but alas, it's thinner (I swear!)than when I lost it from chemohairfallouttherapy. I grew up on the Peninsula of Virginia (Hampton/ Williamsburg area) and I am now I'm sporting, above my forehead,an exact replica of the land map of my hometown. In the scheme of things, not a thing to worry about.

I'm heading to UAMS on Nov. 17-19. Still on a 3 month schedule.

You're the numbers guy, but projecting it would give me March, then June, September, and December 2011 @ 3 mos or April, July, October 2011, and January 2012 @ 4 mos. With you on a 4 mos schedule, it's May or September 2011, January 2012. If you go to 6 mos it's July 2011 or January 2012.

Maybe it's July or Sept. 2011 or January 2012 as our run-in month? Ha! We'll work something out!

Hope that things are good for you all-the-way around. Enjoy the Fall!
Don't work too hard - send some my way!

Thanks for keeping in touch, it means a lot to me.

Best to all!



Kristine said...

Thanks for the great article. It certainly rings true to me. I think I will print off a copy and stick it on my fridge so I can read it over and over on dex days when I seem to go there more often. Oh and one for my mirror when I fix my hair which I sure don't take for granted anymore after losing it twice after stem cell transplants. Keep on writing so I can keep on reading your witty wonderful words. Thanks.