Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Still Believe in Miracles... How About You?

Hi!    Holt International Children's Services is the adoption agency that helped us to bring our two beautiful Chinese daughters into our family. Katie and Lizzie have blessed our lives in countless ways. They've also played an important part in my facing the difficult battle with Multiple Myeloma.

Would you please take a brief moment to read  this article from Holt's website? Your heart will be moved. Please pass this link on to someone whom might welcome it. You never know when someone you know, or someone they know, can help move a mountain.

THANK YOU out there in Myelomaville!! 


Pat and Pattie Killingsworth said...

What beautiful girls, Sean. I can tell how proud you are of them. What a wonderful thing to do... Talk about making a difference!

Sean Murray said...

Thank you, Pat! I am a very blessed man. Having an opportunity to see my children embrace life with such adventuresome spirits is a gift. And I'm looking forward to growing old and cantankerous with my wife- she makes me laugh like no one else on the planet. They give me the kind of motivation I need to fight MM with everything that I have. You know what I mean - you are a fighter, too. Thanks for stopping by!

Lori Puente said...

Terrific article Sean. I really enjoyed the parent's sound and balance perspective and allowing her daughter to grow and explore her "roots" so to speak. Giving her a connection. Not too mention, the Asian culture is one many of us in the west admire for its artistic presentations in the simplest of life's task and spiritual views of man.

I remember clearly when my daughter came home around age 5 or 6 from someone's house asking "Mommy, what are we?" Someone had asked "what she was - nationality I presume." With Dave being of latin origins and mine multi raced and Am Indian, she has a unique look that's not easily identified. Not knowing the intention of the questioner, I listed all that she was and we kept at it until she memorized them all. She was armed with an answer, which ended with, Heinze 57, American Mutt. :) She has come to enjoy ALL that she is and owns any one of them as she sees fit.

Anonymous said...

My dad was just diagnosed. So encouraging to read how positive you are! What an inspiration!