Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Slug Your Boss Day

Just as a reminder, today is the 7th annual international celebration of Don't Slug Your Boss Day. Workers the world over will commemorate the festivities with a rousing 24 hour period of not slugging their bosses. 
President Obama will welcome DSYBD founder Bruce Springsteen to a special luncheon in the White House cafetorium. Featured speakers include Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen.
The contrarian  French will, instead, observe Don't Boss Your Slug Day. Members of PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Slugs) will participate in the 'Just Say No to Escargot' parade and .0005k run. 
At 8:30pm local time in Rio de Janeiro, 10,000 couples will compete in a massive Nao Slug o Bossa Nova dance contest at the foot of the famed Christ the Redeemer statue. 
Anarchists are expected to disrupt events in many North American cities  by targeting random bosses to slug.
Because I have no current boss, I will mark the day by not slugging my friends and family, clients, neighbors and pharmaceutical executives.

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