Thursday, September 15, 2011

He Lives!

Yes, yes, I know. I have not been attending to my blog in an acceptable manner. Very busy. Very, very busy. And my dog ate my blog homework. And the 'M' key on my computer refused not to stick. How do you write Myeloma and Murray and Melphalan without a working M?

I promise to get on a more regular schedule soon.  And when I do, you might just realize how nice it has been not to read my drivel. Maybe I should say dribble. Merriam-Webster defines dribble as 'issuing in small, sporadic bits'. 

Anyway, here's a recent article of mine from the Myeloma Beacon .  

Be well!

Sean N...I mean K....I mean M. M M M - that darned M key!


Sandy said...

I knew you were a member of the Not Dead Yet club from hearing about your articles on the Myeloma Beacon, but it's good to get a direct confirmation!!

Dom and Nan said...

Glad you're back and haven't lost your sense of humor!