Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Myeloma Beacon: I'm Just Wild About Hairy

If you're interested in reading some cutting-edge news & information about Multiple Myeloma, sail on over to the Myeloma Beacon.

After you've read the important articles, browsed the forums and checked-out the numerous MM resources, why dontcha' kill a couple of minutes by reading my monthly Myeloma Beacon offering at  Sean's Burgundy Thread .

My article, I'm Just Wild About Hairy, may just help you stay rooted during your chemotherapy. 

Stay connected out there in Myelomaville! 


Anonymous said...

your wonder drug info does not come up , when I click on link. Can you repost thx Vince

Sean Murray said...

Hi, Vince: I've checked the wonder 'drink' link and it should be working. Thanks!