Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Treatment?

I witnessed an amazing thing on Sunday afternoon when our church held its Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Our teenager, Kate, and her friends, helped 'produce' the event by 'hiding' plastic eggs in the fenced-in playground behind the church. Lizzie, our six year old, joined her driven-by-their-sweet-teeth buddies in the 'finding' of the Easter eggs.

This is the amazing part:  I saw 61 little kids scoop up hundreds and hundreds of colored, candy filled eggs in a matter of seconds. It was like a blitzkrieg, except nobody died. Little legs were pumping, arms were scooping, baskets were filling. The truly talented were capturing three, eating one, capturing three, eating one.

What started out as a field covered in a rainbow coalition of Cadbury's finest, ended up as a monochrome green carpet that an army of lawn-goats would be proud of. A swarm of biblical plague locusts couldn't have pillaged the yard any better. I think that I even saw a crop circle in the shape of a rabbit.

If my body could harness the pure energy and exacting focus of those kids on their mission, I think that I could cure my Myeloma. Those MM cells are hiding, I need to do some finding. Maybe I should visualize the Myeloma cells in vivid food dye colors as they are obliterated by chemotherapeutic agents dressed in Garanimals.  

I'll let you know how it works out!

Bock-Bock! Thanks Easter Bunny!


Sandy said...

I will align with your intention to have all the MM cells gobbled up by whatever agents of good health are manifested in your life right now!!!

Sean said...

Thanks for your support, Sandy Beaches! I enjoyed visiting your blog. Best wishes. Sean M.

Karen said...

Sean, I love your blog. Your girls are adorable. (And I will absolutely not stop undressing Bon Jovi!)

Karen (Cancer Girl)