Thursday, April 1, 2010

Faces of Myeloma


If you have a moment to spare, please click on these links to read some powerful articles about Multiple Myeloma patients that have courageously contributed their hearts and souls, their energy, their talents, and so much more to help everyone battling MM.

The first article is from The Fort Worth Star Telegram, (byline Clarence Hill, Jr. dated March 30, 2010), regarding the recent passing of Elijah Alexander, husband, father, NFL star and MM patient.

The second link (from the International Myeloma Foundation website and the  LA Times, byline Sandy Banks, July 21, 2002) shares the story of MM patient Brian Novis and his wife Susie Novis' journey through MM and the subsequent founding of the IMF.

The faces of Myeloma are just like yours and mine. People like Brian, Susie and Elija (and others) inspire me to action. I don't want one more person go through what some of you have faced  in your battle. I am buoyed by hope and faith and the progress that is being made every day.   Don't give up!



Lorna said...

Hi Sean

I haven't got any pearls of wisdom yet, my partner Mike and I have only just moved into Myelomaville (UK version). Mike was diagnosed just two months ago today, although it feels a lot longer, probably all those wasted hours sitting and waiting without the complementary mini-bar!

Keep up the good work, I love an upbeat blog :-)


Sean said...


I wish you and Mike the easiest of roads possible on this journey. In my year and one-half of living with IT, I have learned that there are tough times, yes, but there are beautiful, powerful gifts in this, as well. I look for those.

We all might be forced to take up residence in Myelomaville, but we have the power to make it a better place to live. Thanks for dropping me a note, and let's get working on creating that mini-bar!

Warm Regards,