Monday, April 5, 2010

March Myeloma Madness

March Madness is so BIG in the U.S. (for some people, anyway) that it spills over into April. Basically,authorities haven't been able to contain all of the Madness into March. In any event, March/April Madness doesn't trip off the tongue very well, so we just say March Madness.

Tonight, Indiana's Butler University will play perennial powerhouse Duke University, from North Carolina, in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I Men's Basketball Championship Game. The dream game of every boy who's ever bounced a basketball.

Las Vegas pundits say that Butler, a school of only 4500 students or so, is the 'underdog' in the game by 7 or so points. This is the first time that Butler has made it to the championship game. By contrast, Duke is one of the legendary programs in men's college basketball. They've won the tournament three times in their storied history. Led by their phenomenal coach, Mike Krzyzewski (pronounced sha-shef-ski), Duke is certainly expected to win.

This March Madness 2010  showdown is a real David vs. Goliath match-up.The Butler Davids will try to best the Duke Goliaths, but as we know, in life, anything can happen! What will give the winning team the edge? Maybe it's a combination of things such as preparation, talent, aptitude, attitude, heart, determination - you know the list.

During March Madness 2009, I was recovering from my first stem cell transplant in Little Rock, Arkansas. I don't believe I'd ever felt worse. MM patients know the drill. Nausea, pain, fevers, sleeplessness, no appetite, worry and more. Though I watched the basketball tournament in my rented apartment, March Madness wasn't my focus. Myeloma Madness was. 

What I discovered in the middle of Madness 09, was that the very same characteristics that will help earn Butler or Duke earn a victory tonight, will take us through the challenges we face with Myeloma. Heart, passion, fight, preparation, a great team, faith, trust, intelligence (in my case, not my own, thank God), persistence, drive, timing, and so on. I know, without a doubt, that battling MM is a team event. I belive in my team, I trust my team.

I know that I identify myself as a 'David' in this sling-shot contest. I am going to pester and punish that Goliath Myeloma until it either falls down dead with a resounding thump or it gets so sick of me, that it slinks away and lets me enjoy a happy life with those whom I love.  

And this March Madness it's not Ensure, ice chips and immodium for me. I'm having a hotdog, ice cream and, shhhh.....maybe even a beer.  

Those of you going through Myeloma Madness this year - hang tough!! You will win. You will get through this.

BTW - I like Duke and Butler. They are both winners!  But I HATE Myeloma.

UPDATE:   It was a fantastic game!  Duke 61 - Butler 59.  Wonder if Coach K. knows anything about myeloma?

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Sandy said...

Close games are only thrilling in sports... here's to a big win for you over MM and no calls from the ref!!