Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reflections on this Easter Day

Blessings to you whom gather together to battle against Multiple Myeloma.

Though we come to this journey from different places, life circumstances and varying beliefs and faiths, a  common foe unites us.Whether you are a patient, caregiver, family member, friend, spouse, doctor, nurse, researcher, administrator, blogger, whomever you are- I want to wish for each of you peace, happiness, and the courage to continue this arduous task.

I am grateful for the breadth and depth of encouragement shown to me along the way. My prayers and good thoughts are with you always.

Thank you.



Nancy McHugh said...

sean, may your life be filled with new Irish blessings every day! i have read your blog from beginning to end after seeing your comments on our son billy's blog this week (rugbyhubby) and found it inspiring as well as informative. Hugs from Hilton Head and you will be in all our thoughts and prayers...Nancy

Sean said...

Nancy, thank you for your kindness! I will continue to follow Billy's blog and will pray for all of you. We need to stand strong together to fight MM!

BTW- I'm originally from Virginia and have enjoyed going down to Hilton Head. A lovely place! All my best, Sean

Nancy McHugh said...

Sean, you and Billy share a wonderful sense of humor and that is another blessing. And should you all be down our way, we have loads of guest rooms. Nancy