Thursday, April 29, 2010

One of Those Kindred Spirits

I ran into a fairly-new friend this morning as I was dropping off my six year old kindergartner at school.

Kelli B. is known as one of those 'Super Moms' in the town where my wife has been the primary school music teacher for the better part of the last fifteen years. She and her husband have three kids in the district and Kelli has served faithfully as an aide, community volunteer and involved parent. I'd heard about her through my wife, whom has known her for years and has always sung the praises of this parent active (in a good way!) in her kid's lives.

What I wasn't aware of until the last year or so, however, was that five years ago, Kelli, in her very early 40s, had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. She went through the Total Therapy treatment protocol at UAMS in Little Rock and the three year maintenance plan. I have to tell you - she looks great, has tons energy (she runs road races for crying out loud!) and seems to be doing very well.  

Kelli is the first to tell you that it has been a roller coaster ride of feeling good/ not so good, intact emotions and difficult times, etc and that her faith has been a keystone in her recovery.  But I don't want to go into this too deeply, because I'm excited to pass along that Kelli is looking to share her wisdom, wit and indomitable spirit in the blogging world.

If I can do this, she can do it in her sleep! Kelli's been writing and journaling, but didn't know how to deliver it to a larger audience. She has a lot to say and I'm looking forward to her foray into this caring, intelligent, searching community.  She and her family are moving from our small town over the next few months, it'll be good to keep up with her through her new blog.

It is important for us to align ourselves with kindred spirits in these tough Myeloma battles. I've been fortunate to have many such spirits, including those of you spread out across the world. Your experiences, your words of advice and your steadfast encouragement have made a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you!

I'll be sure to let you know when Kelli ventures forth with her blog! No pressure, Kelli! : )

Keep fighting! I'll be in Little Rock next Wednesday through Friday for my second three month check-up. Any prayers for continued good news would be much appreciated. Again. thank you! I hope that your Spring has been pleasant and that you are well. Keep fighting!  Sean


Karen said...

Wow, I would love to read her blog, so please keep us updated! It is so rare to find another young mom with myeloma.

Sean Murray said...

Will do, Karen! You guys rock! Bon Jovi knows this... and so do I! Sean

Jodi said...

I too would love to read her blog. I was diagnosed in September, 2009 with MM and will be undergoing a SCT in the next month or two. I have 3 kids ages 9,13 and 17. I am also in my forties and certainly can relate. I am grateful to everyone who keeps a blog. I have found so much information because of these.


CancerKicker said...

Dude, Kelli needs to start blogging ASAP. She's got my vote to be the next president.

Sean Murray said...

Phil: I think we're saving that job for you! If you're looking for something with a slower pace! Get well & and I pass along all of your kind thoughts to Kelli. Thanks! Sean

Lorna said...

You see how excited we all get when a new blog is mentioned! I hope Kelli realises just how mad some of us are.

Linda Bush said...

Hi Sean..I live in Michigan and also treat at UAMS. I was dx 2003 with high risk disease. I am part of TT3. I have been in remission since my second SCT! Awesome! I will be in Little Rock this next week also and would love to meet you!I have testing on Tuesday, Dr. appt. on Thursday. Anytime you are available! My e-mail Looking forward to meeting you! Linda Bush

Susie Hemingway said...

Sending all very best wishes for your check-up at Little Rock and you have my prayers for good results of course.

Beth said...

Let her know she should add her blog to the "Planet."