Monday, May 24, 2010

Why So Testy?

I don't know about you, but waiting for Myeloma test results makes me more nervous than I like to admit.

Since my diagnosis in November of 2008 I've taken hundreds of tests. Blood tests, Pet Scans, MRIs, bone biopsies, bone marrow aspirations - you know the drill. We wait in suspense for the magic numbers, the pictures and the reports to come back to tell us how we're doing.

Unlike for the tests we all endured in umpteen years of school, we can't sequester ourselves in the library or  crack open a  Myeloma and You Cliffs Notes Study Guide to get better results. No late night study session is going  to bring my M protein levels down. How do you study for a blood test? 

All silliness aside, I've had to come to grips with the fact that I don't have as much control over the the outcome of these tests as I'd like. As proactive as I might want to be, some things are out of my hands. 

It's not that I'm totally powerless. I take my pills, show up for my weekly chemo, get plenty of rest and exercise. I try to keep a positive attitude and I pray regularly. I read about Myeloma, I study the studies and pretend, with a knowing nod, that I understand what the scientists are talking about. I also listen closely to my doctors and nurses. My Irish grandmother would be proud that I eat my chicken soup.

With all of that said, I recently traveled to Arkansas for my latest three month checkup. I had a PET Scan, an MRI, blood and urine tests and bone marrow biopsies.  I let the Myeloma pros do what they do. For my part I rolled up my sleeve and gave them my blood. I let them take tiny pieces of my hip bone and samples of my bone marrow. I let them slide me into one of those space-age tubes to take a peek at my innards. 

Then I waited for the results.... tick...tick...tick .........

I am grateful to share that everything looks good. I am still in complete remission.  The Triple Threat Trio of Revlimid, Dex and Velcade are still doing their thing.

For Myeloma we all take that test
It’s the outcome in which our hopes rest
No offense nasty spike
But it’s YOU we don’t like
Low Monoclonal protein numbers are best

There once was some plasma from Nantucket....... better not!

Keep fighting!



CancerKicker said...

Well said Sean! I loved the poem...maybe a second career? :)

Lorna said...

That's what we like to hear, good news!

tim's wife said...

Fantastic Sean. Congrats to you!!!

Linda said...

Congratulations! I do like the way that UAMS gets the test results back to you in 1-2 days! Loved the poetry Sean! Talk soon....Linda

Sandy Banks said...

What very good news to hear that you are still in CR... I am sure this is encouraging for those who are looking at options/solutions since it appears that your team at UAMS takes a very aggressive stance against this "beast" of a disease.

feresaknit said...

Fantastic news!