Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Society of Clinical Oncology Meetings

No doubt you're aware that  the American Society of Clinical Oncology will be meeting in Chicago in early June. There should be some interesting information about Myeloma treatment coming from the meetings.

Following is a link to an article at the MedPageToday.com website regarding Revlimid. As noted on the site, this information is preliminary and will still be subjected to peer review. Nonetheless, it's an exciting read.


Be sure to visit  www.MyelomaBeacon.com where fellow myeloma patient and writer Pat Killingsworth will be covering and reporting from the ASCO meetings.

I know that times are tough for some of you right now. Please know that you are thought of often and are loved from afar. Keep fighting! 



Karen said...

I will be reporting from the meeting, too! I just hope I understand what the heck they're talking about. :)

Sean Murray said...

Hi, Karen! I look forward to hearing your take on things. Travel safely. Sean