Friday, June 11, 2010

Another S'Myeloma Award : ) - Dominator Phil Brabbs

A dummy, Phil Brabbs is not!

His blog,, and his organization's Facebook site,  have helped motivate and educate hundreds, no thousands, of folks battling Multiple Myeloma and other cancers across the world. Stop by the sites to see someone who puts faith and energy into action.

Currently in-between tandem Stem Cell Transplants, Phil, his wife Cassie and their young family, work tirelessly from their Michigan, USA location to show us how we can DOMINATE our foe. His bright, cheerfully friendly, and positive outlook makes him an easy pick for my latest S'Myeloma :) Award.

Keep kickin' it, Phil and thanks for keeping us smiling!



Jody said...

love reading all your blogs. it is truly inspirational to read. today is the 8th anniversary of my mother passing on from myeloma. wonderful to see how much more hope and resources are available nowadays for patients and their families. Keep up the good work!!!! smile on!

Sean Murray said...

Thank you, Jody.

I am so sorry to learn of your Mom's passing. I can only imagine how poignant these anniversaries may be for those her life has touched. MM has certainly taken far too many people away from us.

And you're right, we may be getting a better handle on Myeloma over the last several years. What was learned through your mom's experience and through all of the patients, physicians, researchers, caregivers, etc. whom have traveled down this path will, hopefully, help those still to be diagnosed.

I believe that there will someday be a cure.

Jody, I'm looking forward to reading your blogs. 'Come drop by and share a laugh at my attempts to be athletic' is a great teaser! Keep smiling on yourself!


CancerKicker said...

S'Myeloma Award...AWESOME! This is better than being Big Ten player of the week! Thanks Sean!! I love the positive attitude you are bringing to the MM community. Keep it up! -Phil