Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Such a Good Sport

Since I was in Little Rock much of last year being treated for Multiple Myeloma, I now find myself not wanting to miss  any of the family events that dot our calendar. 

One of things that I really love to do is watch my oldest daughter, Katie, participate in sports. She's grown up playing volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball and running track. Katie possesses a healthy competitive spirit that pushes her to excel (she's a straight A student, as well) and she loves the camaraderie of being on a team.  And she does it all with a wonderful sense of joy and fair play.

Though it's important, I'm not so much interested in whether she and her team wins. What really makes me happy is to see her having fun, working hard and being a great teammate.  It is exciting to see Katie shoot a last second jump shot or give it her all in a close relay race.

We MMers know about working hard, and we've certainly come to rely on our teammates. The race that we run has more serious implications, of course, but the attitude and drive with which Katie tackles her athletics inspires me to stay in the game, to give it my very best effort and to maintain a positive, we-can-do-this outlook. 

As she is fond of saying to me, 'Murrays don't give up, Daddy. You taught me that.'   

Well Katie, you've taught me a lot, too. I am so grateful that  you are on my team.


Sandy said...

What a beautiful reason to keep fighting to survive this horrible disease... I intend your efforts are successful!

Susie Hemingway said...

What very beautiful children you have, you must be so proud of them. I second Sandy's wishes. Keep well and all very best wishes from us here in the UK

Sid said...

You have myeloma, you have a family, yet you are maintaining a good balance in your life. I admire how you are handling all this.

Sean Murray said...

Sandy, Susie, and Sid - The Three S-kateers!

Thank you for your kind words. I am indeed truly blessed with wonderful kids. They were abandoned in China and taken to orphanages as young babies. Katie, 13 and from southeastern China, was 1 year old when we adopted her and Lizzie, 6 and from central China, was 2 years old. They're happy, normal children and they keep Mom and me young.

As I've related before, I'm fighting MM with everything I have, but when I look at myself as Katie and Lizzie's daddy, I fight even harder. The very best, and most important job I've ever had is to be a good husband and dad.

Sandy- I appreciate your vibrant, intentional, positive thoughts on my behalf, and I always will.

Susie - Your devotion and love for Hamada is incredibly moving and your beautiful writing continues to charm me.

Sid - you are a warrior! I follow your journey with rapt attention and think of you often.

My best to you, friends from afar! Sean