Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Luck of the Irish!

Karen and I sauntered over to the Cancer Center in Branson this afternoon so that I could have my weekly maintenance chemotherapy treatment (#18 of 156). Because our local school district is enjoying a week of rainy, 40 degree Spring Break, Karen, the local elementary music teacher, was able to come with me for the first time. She especially enjoyed the super-duper, feature rich, over stuffed recliners, the pull down TVs and, of course the engaging, ultra friendly Infusion Nurses. She's seen a lot of chemo treatments in the last sixteen months, and this was a nice visit.

Karen and our two daughters baked some special St. Patrick's Day cookies for the staff and fellow patients and their delicious mint and chocolate delights were a hit. I only ate one. Of course it was after my large panel of blood tests - don't want to drive up that Glucose score! I think the dex I take on chemo day does a good job of elevating those numbers already.  BTW Glucose came back at 96 - everything else was good, as well.

The big surprise was that all of the names of the Center's chemo patients were dropped into a box and one lucky winner was drawn to receive a St. Patrick's day treat. And wouldn't ya' know it (how do you write in an Irish brogue?)   yours truly, an honest to goodness Irish American laddie, won the prize.

It was a shiny Irish Bowler Derby hat filled with lots of sweet goodies that neither of us really needed. We'll give them to the kids - get your hands off that Snickers Bar, Katie!  There was also a Kelley Green coffee thermos (for Irish coffee, maybe?) and some nifty sunglasses.  Thanks guys!

Here's an old Irish proverb for the fabulous ONC/RNs:  May the wind be always at your back, the sun warm on your face, may your friends always be at arm's reach and your Lord even closer. And if I might add: May all of your Irish American Myeloma patients stay in remission for years and years and years! HA! Can't say that I wouldn't mind becoming an old Irish American!

Life is good right now in this part of the Village of Myelomaville.  Happy St. Paddy's Day to you!


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