Saturday, April 17, 2010


"No, no, no! For the last time. I don't have melanoma! No melanoma! I have myeloma. M-Y-E-L-O-M-A! You don't have to respect me, but at least respect my disease! Now that we have that settled, when is my next appointment, Dr. Jones?" 

Illustration (C) Steve Greenberg / Ventura County Star

Disclaimer:  This attempt at humor in no way reflects the doctors, nurses or technicians (especially the bone marrow biopsy technicians) that I've encountered along my Multiple Myeloma journey. No really! Especially the bone marrow biopsy technicians. Especially my next bone marrow biopsy technician.   


feresaknit said...

And it's a blood cancer that affects the bones, not a bone cancer! - Ohhhhhh!

Lorna said...

I bet you wish you had a dollar for everytime someone has made that mistake, we sure do! ;-)